Playing the role of emissary is tedious, so Celesté, The Goddess of Creation, has an agent responsible for this tedious task. Zolea carries all the messages that Celesté wants delivered across the entire universe.

Zolea has a unique transport system, given by Celesté: balloons that burst and transport her to any region imaginable. Her alias, Emissary of Chaos, is motivated by two reasons: there is a chance that, after Zolea’s visit, Celesté will arrive in the region and spread chaos; but, the other reason is her biggest asset – entropy.

The Emissary of Chaos possesses the power to accelerate the degree of disorder in any matter. As is well known, everything tends towards chaos, and Zolea is capable of causing it. It’s no wonder that Celesté has Zolea as her favorite, she corresponds to a face of The Goddess of Creation, but in an exaggerated way. Zolea is chaos incarnate.

The Tournament of Champions is able to grant a supreme wish to its winner. Zolea will compete for this award to claim the ultimate chaos: the destruction of the universe.