Revenge is one of the most powerful feelings a being can have, rivaling, perhaps, with love. Zhaya is the representation of this primal emotion. It is not known where she lives, however, it is assumed that she resides on a lower plane than that inhabited by everyone.

The Goddess of Vengeance is the most reserved of all known gods, but she appears, at times, to those who deserve it and perform the proper ritual, which is a mystery to most beings. Zhaya then avenges the one who invoked her, but the price… the price is what the being cares most about in his existence, regardless of what it is.

Zhaya is seen by few and these claim that she has an appearance of extreme beauty, possessing gray hair, pale skin and violet eyes covered by a diaphanous veil. She carries daggers of an unknown metal, the same as her bronze-colored armor.

Another occasion Zhaya is seen, this turn by many, in The Tournament of Champions. Her purpose is unknown. However, it is speculated that she is there to get revenge on someone. This time for herself.