In the vast universe, there are several worlds with life, but not all of them have the best conditions of existence. There are worlds where the cold reigns as the dominant lord. In these extreme places, Sinder appears as the savior, bringing warmth to icy lives at every corner of the universe.

Sinder, Bearer of the Blue Flame, helps everyone who fights against the relentless cold, everywhere. She manufactures and donates to people the Blue Flame, indelible and capable of producing extreme heat.

The Bearer of the Blue Flame is often revered by the people she helps, but she never returns to them. She is always going to help other life forms in the coldest corners of the existence. It is said by the supposed first civilization who were helped by Sinder that she is the daughter of the tallest ice mountain in the universe and, in her rebellion, she renounced the cold and created her own flame.

Sinder is pale as ice and her clothes are plain and blue. She is as cold as she looks, but the heat she can summon is impressive. At any time, she is able to summon her powerful Blue Flame throughout her body, which can either become incandescent or on fire. We can imagine, that The Bearer of the Blue at The Tournament of Champions only wishes to warm people in agony, bringing hope to even the coldest of hearts.