Born into a world full of volcanoes, Rhoene lost her entire tribe to a massive volcanic eruption while she was still a child. She rose socially through scams and petty theft. Until she learned her main power that made her famous: the creation of clones.

Rhoene is a mercenary who does what must be done without question, as long as the payment is enough. She can conjure clones of herself and make them act as if they were individuals separate from her, these clones shatter like marble when destroyed or canceled. The Master of Clones is always hooded and a black armor covers her brown fur cat body. With her wings, she can reach far distances without effort. 

She saw where she trod only reprisals and the survival of the fittest. Rhoene did what had to be done and is now a mercenary recognized throughout the galaxies. Despite engaging in dubious actions, Rhoene just wants to revive her tribe to regain what she had in the blink of an eye: a family.