Death comes in many forms to a mortal, and sometimes this form is through murder. The Third Eye is a group of Cayenne-controlled assassins who go after mortals who try to cheat death, and the result, beyond murder: eternal servitude to Mortheus. Nidele is an assassin belonging to this group.

The group of assassins that Nidele is a part of, The Third Eye, is made up only of people with unique powers and abilities. The Scarlet Nightmare is able to put people into a state of sleep or, in those who are most resistant to this power, change them into a waking nightmare state where they experience their worst fears. And it is in these altered states that Nidele commits his murders.

Nidele hails from a world where sleep is worshiped, and the most powerful are taught the ability to put mortals into sleep. However, The Scarlet Nightmare possesses its unique power taught by Cayenne to put mortals into a waking nightmare state.

The Scarlet Nightmare is in The Tournament of Champions under the command of Cayenne to fulfill Mortheus’ wishes. Or do Cayenne and her group of assassins, the Third Eye, have some secret ambition?