Throughout existence, death and its meaning have been tirelessly debated. The greatest enigma of mortals and the only certainty. Mortheus, God of Death, is older than existence itself, older than Celesté. Wandering unconscious through space-time and waiting for his moment of awakening, the moment when the first mortal emerged.

Death has a lot of work, but he seldom gets its hands dirty. Death comes almost prepared for each being according to the decisions throughout existence. However, there are those who try to cheat death. For these, Cayenne, his assistant, sends assassins to find the inevitable.

The God of Death has its own plane of existence, Mestige, where it is populated by its most diverse servants, those who tried to cheat death and were condemned to eternal servitude. The most important servant of these is Liktu. He is the most faithful and fulfills his master’s every wish.

Mortheus does not have a defined bodily form; he can modify his body in several ways, but the one he maintains the most is a pale humanoid form with an exposed muscular structure. His head usually resembles a scarlet butterfly with a mouth at the bottom.

His powers are diverse: he can invoke a person’s worst fears of death, has a deadly energy scythe that kills any enemy it touches, and is able to materialize wherever he wants in the universe, in addition to being immortal.

Mortheus cannot be considered an evil being, but he is furious. Furious at the possibility of some mortal being made immortal through The Tournament of Champions. And to prevent this, he sent his various servants, including Liktu. He himself apparently will not participate in the tournament, but there is no denying the possibility that he will intervene in some way.