Kyron is a technological and futuristic world, where people don’t seem to be bothered by the constant neon of the cities. Seeking the balance preached by Levine, people are cold, corrupt and don’t mind doing bad things when necessary.

Levine is the supreme lord of this world. He is shrouded in mystery and people only see him to be judged – a blue feather mysteriously falls in front of them when it comes time for judgment. Most are never judged, but when you’re given the blue feather, there’s no escape – the few fools who did so mysteriously disappeared.

It is said that he dresses royally. His hair and wings are blue, but his face is impassive, where one half appears to be the darkness itself and the other the light of heaven. It is unknown where he came from or even when he became the lord of Kyron, this knowledge has been lost in time. Sitting on his throne on the biggest tower (Levine’s Tower) of the main city of Kyron, without aides or helpers, in a room full of balances with the most diverse and strange objects, the Emperor of Kyron is impassive and a mysterious overlord.

Levine stated when asked why he desired to participate in The Tournament of Champions: “Beings tend to choose extreme, good or evil. They feel the need for an existential manichaeism. The correct one is the middle way, where there is balance. Balance is everything. And that is what I will create for the entire universe.”