The ludic activity of playing provides living beings with ways of learning that they will take for the rest of their lives. And this is no different even for The Goddess of Creation. Joseph was created by Celesté from several different and exotic objects to become her playmate.

The Living Doll is a humanoid doll that has a will of its own, but does not have a biological body. Unlike Cantu, the first creation, who was discarded, Joseph was raised by Celesté and became her favorite toy.

Always with a new ace up his sleeve, Joseph always brings something new to the surface of his body, some object that Celesté used in her creation and that not even she would remember. The Living Doll also has the ability to change its body size almost indefinitely. Full of surprises, Joseph can be funny, but he’s an enemy to be feared in combat – no doubt, given that he’s Celesté’s best friend.

Joseph is like Celesté’s obedient puppy, but he has a will when entering The Tournament of Champions. Destroy the one who wants to destroy his best friend. Cantu doesn’t suspect that he will be fiercely opposed by the Living Doll.