Nature is a broad concept that encompasses several elements, including: air, earth and water. Jade manages to scatter natural elements wherever she goes. Her preferred environments for establishing stable ecosystems are inhospitable planets or planets where their inhabitants have destroyed their nature.

As a mother, she doesn’t hesitate to protect what she considers her creatures. A relentless force, she moves heaven and earth to punish those who incessantly destroy the natural elements. The Goddess of Nature is always an enchanting sight when calm and terrifying when in rage.

Jade has leaves, mushrooms and various animals on her body. She can conjure water, earth, air, plants and small animals with her power. However, that’s all we know, because, like nature itself, you never know exactly what to expect from Jade.

The Goddess of Nature entered The Tournament of Champions to make her job easier: punishing the destroyers of nature and establishing natural elements on planets hostile to them.