Achieving the perfect genetic code is the ideal of many advanced civilizations. One such attempt is Havoc. He was created from the genetic junction of various living beings and enhanced to be a destroyer of cities, a deadly weapon.

Havoc became the best weapon for Kuzari society and served them for a few Earth years. After failing to withstand testing and testing, the deadly weapon rebelled and fled his captivity. Wandering around for a long time, he finally recovered psychologically and learned all of his capabilities.

The Unchained has always been aware and little by little has become extremely intelligent. He is able to fly like a hawk and run like a cheetah. But his main weapon is devastating: a jet of freezing liquid coming from exotic creatures from the planet of the Kuzari.

Revenge against his creators is clear in his mind and he will enter The Tournament of Champions to achieve his desire to eliminate all civilization that tests on animals and, mainly, his creators – the Kuzari.