The universe is vast and full of beauty. One of the greatest wonders of existence is the star formations, the constellations. Gweny spends her existence grouping stars together so they are visually pleasing, and, when necessary, she creates stars to enhance these formations.

The Architect of Constellations is an artist by nature. She lives for the beauty of her arts and doesn’t care who will recognize it, though many do. Her connection to the universe is palpable and Gweny is said to have family ties to the Goddess of Creation herself, Celesté.

Gweny has gray hair and pale skin. She is always dressed in different and exotic clothes from the various worlds she visits. She is capable of manipulating various stages of matter, but prefers to stick to doing so just to create and alter her precious constellations.

Art is a way of life and something that Gweny adheres to for her immortal life. The Architect of Constellations already does everything she wants with her existence, and it’s hard to imagine what she could want in The Tournament of Champions. However, with her mischievous personality, it is said that Gweny will only participate to somehow annoy her relative Celesté.