As a deck builder game, a variety of cards is needed in function. Players will be able to compose their decks by incorporating Spells, Items and Unit cards, each of these will have synergies and limitations between themselves.

As mentioned last week, Units will have three different tiers, being Gods, Heroes and Basics. Each of these will have a purpose and players will need to figure out the best way to work them together to achieve supremacy on the battlefield.

All units will have three statuses: Attack power, Stamina and Health Points. These will mark the first differences between the tiers. Gods will not have significant attack power but will compensate on at least twice as many Health points from every other tier. Heroes will behave as assassins, so their attack power will be significantly higher than all other units. Basic units, on the other hand, will function as a frontline, to grant a player enough time to bring gods and heroes into play and to create strategic formations to hinder the enemy units advance, since the game will have a body blocking mechanic. They will also englobe structures, high health units with no movement, with the purpose to create choke points and last longer.

Gods will focus on supporting units, by employing their passive area enhancement abilities to provide near allies with special effects and enhanced statuses. They will also be used as commanders. If the player chooses to entitle one of their controlled deities as such, they will be removed from the battlefield and watch as the battle unfolds. By doing so, the unit will unlock it’s fully potential as a supporting unit for both the player and units on the battlefield. There will be abilities, both passive and active, only usable on this state. Moreover, commanders will provide the player with an increased resource generation, which can be used to perform most actions. Having an active commander will be crucial for the pace of the game.

Heroes will have the unique ability to equip items to boost their statuses and give them special additional abilities. To equip these items, however, they will need to achieve combat experience in the battlefield. This will be another unique trait for them and will take place in the form of levels, which will range from 1 to 3. The more units a hero slays, the more experience it will acquire and the stronger equipments will be unlocked for them.

Both heroes and gods will always have at least one active or passive ability, while only some basic units will have this attribute. Further abilities can be unlocked as the player uses their units in multiple matches. This system is still on its infancy and another diary will be written just for it.