Our first NFT arts were responsible for the motivation of Celestia’s development. Many characters were given birth in this process, and this helped a lot in setting a good starting point for what the game was to become. Now, a decision was made to have arts designed with the all the already written lore in mind.

Multiple relationships between gods, lesser beings, items, and spells are taking shape and guiding the creation of the art style we’re proud to announce will be the main choice for all our cards, both previous and new. Today, we introduce three of our new gods on their prime: Mortheus, the God of Death; Ezsraim, the God of Technology; Dome, the God of Balance.

We wanted to give Celestia a more mature and serious look. The surrealistic aesthetic has also proven to bring a very good spice to the mixture, which will still have the futuristic aspect present. Such revamp in our concept arts will not be all! Our card model has also been improved to showcase the best details of our new characters and game style.

We’ve put a lot of work into the new design, and this was the result of five iterations. This features a retro cathodic display as the frame for the arts on top of a circuit board. On the top left, small circular warning lights represent the units’ summoning costs. By the right side, buttons are in charge to show how many abilities the card has available. Finally, on the bottom, the attack, stamina, and health attributes are depicted.

If clicked, all buttons and attributes will display on the screen all relevant information. This solved a problem we had with fitting too much information on the card design and losing in art space. Players can then enjoy their cards arts at their fullest as the play without worrying about any undesired text taking its’ place, while having the whole display to fit with information if needed be.

We’re happy with how things are taking shape, and most of all, with the fact that we’re successfully building a game one of its’ kind.