At Medusa, we breath the crypto environment. This number of possibilities this opens is so large creativity flourishes for all kinds of projects. Besides integration with our token, we also decided our app would allow for creators to come up with their very own NFT content, hence the need for a platform to trade this content.

While its many aspects were discussed, we were struck with the idea to go beyond what that market would mean: not just a place to trade art, but a place do trade cards. These cards would be the core of our next project, a trading card videogame.

NFT development then started a few weeks ago, and the style you all already know and love was conceived. With many already characters designed, the time to come up with a lore for the game was more than proper.

We have the intention for releasing multiple NFT packs, with themes not really related to one another. What better way to relate distinctly themed characters? A multiverse/multigalaxy concept came in hand. You could say we had some influence from the Rick and Morty show. But we didn’t want to mimic their style, we wanted to do some serious multiverse, with a personality of its own.

Hence, Celesté was given birth, and her promise to fulfil one single wish from whoever thrived through her tournament would serve as the perfect justification for gathering multiple different characters from all over the galaxy.

Celesté is a young goddess. A member of the pantheon of deities that rules all over the multiple know universes, she was given her very first opportunity to rule over a universe of her own. Being childish in mind, she craves entertainment and loves to experiment with the unknown. Very unpredictable, one can never tell how interested she is in her events, or in her possessions. The universe is her amusement park.

At this point, we have already built up a good amount of NFTs for our cards’ arts. The game mechanics are almost fully tailored, we intend to have them fully covered on the next iteration of this diary. As for game sprites, we’re also on the works for its user interfaces, like the card market, deck builder and the expanded view of every card. You didn’t think our cards would only have attack and health embedded to them, did you?

We want to make this feel unique and worth of everyone’s time, hence all the dedication put on it so far. Hope this gave you all a taste of what we have been working on so far, it won’t be long until more updates are announced. Stay tuned!