In an extremely technological and developed world, travel through wormholes has been discovered and usable. These travel resources, in addition to a vast technological apparatus, were installed on the android Frymir. She doesn’t think for herself, only what was pre-programmed by her creators.

The space traveler is able to travel through the universe by identifying and walking through wormholes arriving at any required location. She is on a quest that is not hers; however, no one knows what this reason is.

Technology is her main ally. Frymir has a technological armor where various gadgets are available: bombs, energy weapons, the arsenal is immense. Also, she has a blue object that floats over her head that is able to protect her from any attack.

Frymir is not in The Tournament of Champions because of his own free will, but because of his creators. However, a signal of her own thoughts begins to appear in her mind. Will she be able to subvert her creators’ rule and think for herself?