The universe is full of the most diverse artifacts built by mortal beings or even gods. Some are mysterious even to the very existence, being found by archaeologists specializing in this type of item. One of these professionals is Freya.

Freya searches the entire universe for these artifacts to protect them from falling into the wrong hands. This work is given by Anteu, the god who gathers and stores all these special and dangerous artifacts. Being a helper of this mysterious god, Freya has some benefits and artifacts that she uses for her quest.

The Rune Master has runes tattooed almost all over his body produced by a mysterious alien artifact gifted by Anteu. Because of these runes, Freya is able to absorb impacts, has super strength and summons a yellow energy sword.

The participants of The Tournament of Champions have, for the most part, selfish desires when they enter, but that is not the case with Freya. The Rune Master wants to gather all the dangerous and lost artifacts in the universe for Anteu to protect.