Ninjas are known for the art of moving silently, but the ninja clan of the Assassins of the Mist Village are experts at this by utilizing their power to disappear and reappear in mist. In his clan, a vow of silence is taken to conserve vital karma, what they call inner power. Franzisca is the best of her clan after the famous Ezekiel becomes a renegade by killing the Council of Mist.

Franzisca, as is the custom, has been raised in the clan’s village since she was a little orphan. Trained since then, she grew up as one of the best, but always in the shadow of the great Ezekiel. She lived admiring him and now hunts him relentlessly.

The Assassin of the Mist manages, like clan members, to disappear and reappear in mist. However, what sets Franzisca apart from the others is that she is extremely fast. In addition, she has technological gadgets characteristic of the clan and a unique purple energy wire sword, which is capable of turning into a spear at the assassin’s pleasure.

Franzisca works tirelessly on behalf of her clan to capture and bring the renegade Ezequiel to trial. Nothing is more important than that. And it is for this reason that she will enter The Tournament of Champions.