Technology is the instrument that allows civilizations to move from the darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom. Ezsraim understands the importance of this and has dedicated his entire existence to discovering new, different and powerful technologies.

The God of Technology is the stereotype of the perfect scientist. He doesn’t care about desires or any other frivolities. His interest is in the pursuit of knowledge, but, more specifically, in the most advanced and different technologies spread throughout existence. When he understands a technological mechanism, he puffs smoke out of his mouth. Perhaps a lapse of contentment from this expressionless being?

Ezsraim can teleport to any corner of the universe or multiverse through the use of his own technology. He can manipulate metals to disassemble and assemble technological devices and, thus, be able to quickly understand their mechanisms. The God of Technology possesses a robotic body equivalent to the height of two adult humans and it is with his four arms that he manipulates the technologies around him, which includes his own being.

There are many mysterious beings that permeate the universe and, for sure, Ezsraim is among the most. Some say the God of Technology is like a force of nature – he just is. Others, however, claim that Ezsraim wants to win The Tournament of Champions to create his own universe with all the technology ever created just for him.