Every job needs an executor. This also applies to those dirty tasks that few want to do. Mercenaries do this kind of work. Ezekiel is one of those: an elite mercenary.

Born and raised in the Assassins of the Mist clan of ninjas, Ezekiel has become the best among his peers. This group is known for accepting only the most difficult jobs. However, Sky Terror has become famous for accepting only the dirtiest. Most respected, he fled as the clan’s villain after an ignoble job: he utterly destroyed the Council of Mist. He is currently hunted by Franzisca, the new top ninja of the Assassins of the Mist clan.

It is unknown who paid for this work to be done, but Ezekiel is said to have acquired new powers after this. In his clan, a vow of silence is taken to conserve vital karma, what they call inner power. Ezekiel is able to disappear into mist and use his technological artifacts to slash and shred his enemies.

Ezekiel the Sky Terror is an opponent to be feared. In The Tournament of Champions, he wants to create his own clan of renegade ninjas by bringing to life all the legendary ninjas that are gone.