Lusthion is the destination of intergalactic fun, a world where every wish can be fulfilled. This planet is the dwelling place of the Goddess of Lust. Eve cannot be summarily associated with good or evil, not meeting these mortal standards. It is simply the manifestation of embodied desire, desires that all beings with complex intelligence possess.

Eve parades around her planet, from one city to another, and doing what comes into her mind. She lives up to her epithet, sleeping with any living being that attracts her, using the most diverse hallucinogenic substances in the universe and, above all, having fun.The Goddess of Lust manages to awaken the darkest desires of the unconscious just by looking. Her appearance is always exotic and she changes everyday; so never expect to see her the same way. However, she more often wears heart-shaped decorations and red hair.

Classifying a mortal according to his personality is a difficult thing to do, even more difficult for a goddess; but we could say that Eve is hedonism personified. The Goddess of Lust will participate in The Tournament of Champions aiming just to have fun.