“Want peace and prepare for war” – this is the phrase that represents an entire people. The Sirens civilization lived underwater peacefully for millennia until they were invaded by creatures that wanted to exploit their wealth. However, these people are not helpless. Armed with exotic technology and special warriors, the Water Master, the Sirens were able to stop all invaders.

The Water Masters are elite warriors and the queen of Sirens’ personal guard. Dexion is the leader of these fighters and the most impressive in the entire history of this civilization. He can manipulate the water around him in a variety of ways, changing his form or physical state, and using healing and attack spells.

Dexion has the height of 5 adult humans and its blue-skinned body is covered with marks, inscriptions that define the achievements of the Water Masters warriors. He has white eyes and, on top of his head, orange bumps that define his social class.

Stoic and determined, The Water Master will do anything to protect the Sirens from anyone who dares harm them. Dexion proved this by becoming the greatest warrior of all time among his people. He will enter The Tournament of Champions to destroy all enemies of his civilization.