After being discarded for no longer arousing interest to its owner Celesté, an exotic wax object awakens to life with remnants of the power of the Goddess of Creation. Cantu is born with no idea what existence is and what its exact purpose is, but he knows, as a remnant of his early sanity, that Celesté must be punished.

The Wax Sculptor was just a wax object, similar to a candle, which Celesté molded as she likes. He possesses great intelligence coupled with irrational sadism. This contrast perhaps derives from the contrasting Goddess of Creation, his involuntary creator. However, one thing is certain, Cantu hates, with all his being, Celesté.

Cantu inhabits a tower on an inhospitable and nameless planet. There, he manages to create wax sculptures from his own body. Some of his creations have an ineffable beauty and others a sickening horror. He manages to create some of these works with life, but they have a temporary existence.

Smart and sadistic, Cantu, The Wax Sculptor, entered The Tournament of Champions with a very clear goal: to destroy Celesté.