The mystery of the universe is something that humbles mortal beings. Why did we come? What came before the start? One of these riddles is solved by Caethodon. He navigates the universe slowly and inexorably, creating and stabilizing the fabric where everything exists: the Spacetime.

Caethodon was created by Celesté, Goddess of Creation. He was, from the beginning, assigned to the tedious task of weaving the temporal fabric. He not only creates it, he repairs and balances it from the celestial creations of other beings.

Calm and with powers known only to his creator, The Weaver of Spacetime is mysterious. His structure is gigantic, and can be measured as the size of a large human metropolis. In addition, he is sentient and able to communicate telepathically, although few have ever heard of him. His voice is said to be melodious and capable of enchanting the listener, passing into his domain.

The Weaver of Spacetime is a rare creature to behold, given that it is common for him to be at the ends of the universe, but, whoever sees him, is enchanted by this fascinating being. Caethodon is revered, in the most diverse names, with great respect in different cultures and for different living beings. His presence in The Tournament of Champions is a mystery. No one knows what such exotic creature would want.