It is common for living beings to need something to believe in to support their ephemeral existence: god, gods, ancestors, ghosts, nature spirits and magic. The Sirens believe in an entity like this, but they actually have contact. A sorceress who is both revered and feared – Azoreen.

The Sorceress of the Abyss is an oracle, a healer, and most of all, an enigma to the Siren people. It is not known when it came into being, or what it actually is. Several stories and legends surround her, but always with uncertainties. The most accepted legend is that she is the sister of the founder of civilization, the eponymous goddess of civilization, Siren. When they need something extremely important, like a revelation or a cure for a terrible disease, The Sirens turn to her; the price, however, is often terrible.

Dexion decided to go to the oracle to receive enlightenment on what to do to protect his people and thus discovered the need to go to The Tournament of Champions. The price? No one knows.

Azoreen is able to summon poisonous mists, terrifying aquatic beasts, and shapeshift into a giant octopus. In addition to being extremely wise, given its long existence.

It is said that Azoreen is not in the tournament for herself, but for the pact she made with Dexion. She will help him in The Tournament of Champions in exchange for an unspecified price, something not even Celesté could provide.