Existence is too lonely to be spent alone. With that in mind, Asteris, holding her signature staff, brings affection and order to the lives of all her ruled, or, as she likes to call it, her large family. However, make no mistake, this warm-hearted ruler mother of all will not hesitate to destroy anyone who opposes her or her children.

Asteris possesses gigantic power. She is able to create yellow stars that fit in her hand and destroy them in large explosions. But, when she needs something dirtier, she turns to her subordinate Anutseger and he does whatever it takes without anyone knowing.

The Mother of Stars, also called only “mother” by her ruled, protects her children with a firm and nurturing hand, doing whatever is necessary for their best, even if they don’t know it. She is always dressed in translucent sand-colored clothes, as well as golden adornments and makeup. Her skin is tanned and her hair is also the color of sand, but her eyes are startled with amazement, as they look like pools of blood in motion.

Asteris wants to be a mother to all: replicating her sand world in new galaxies where she can take care of her ruled and lead them into an era of universal prosperity.