If little is known about his master, Asteris, even less is known about Anutseger. However, one thing is definite: he will do whatever is necessary for her. In his sand world, few see Anutseger, but he is said to have some underground chamber beneath Asteris’ palace, where he gladly tortures dissenters from his asterian family.

The Shadow Warrior is capable of disappearing and appearing where there are shadows, moving great distances in the blink of an eye. His spear is collapsible and manages to become three times the size of Anutseger itself. He has the face of a jackal and a humanoid body, covered in black fur. A pet snake is always around his neck, a gift from his master.

Anutseger is blindly devoted to Asteris and she considers him her main “son” in her family. The shadow warrior wears a muzzle demonstrating his vow of silence that will only be fulfilled when he wins The Tournament of Champions. Anutseger wants nothing for himself, just for his mother to succeed in whatever she wants.