Intelligence always finds ways to create items and artifacts that help or improve existence, and some artifacts are so powerful that even the gods fear them. The Pillars were 7 gods, each responsible for their tower, where the most diverse and exotic items were stored for study and protection of existence. However, 6 of these gods and their towers were mysteriously eliminated and their items, as well as their location, were lost. The last one left was Anteu.

Anteu, The Last Pilar, is the last of the Pillars that guard the existence of extremely powerful artifacts. Anteu is an item collector, but he is also a protector of the universe. This god has a few handpicked helpers, the Archaeologists, who search for lost artifacts; one of these servers is Freya, The Rune Master.

Phlegmatic and assertive, Anteu is a mysterious being. He uses his own artifacts to search for others. Always in search. The Last Pilar has no special powers, but is capable of understanding any technology quickly. His origin is unknown, but he has some affective bond with the other Pillars.

The Last Pilar will not participate in The Tournament of Champions, but will look through a special lens on its Archeologists. This mysterious being just wants all the artifacts sought after to be found to protect the existence and the universe.