Death comes in many forms to a mortal, and sometimes this form is through murder. The Third Eye is a group of Cayenne-controlled assassins who go after mortals who try to cheat death, and the result, beyond murder: eternal servitude to Mortheus. Aloy is an assassin belonging to this group.

The Third Eye has assassins of unique powers and abilities and Aloy is no exception. The Inifity Edge has control over different blades and slashing weapons. She is extremely agile and skilled with all weapons, which appears to be something a mortal would not be able to do.

Aloy has a mysterious past, but it is said that she was from a noble family in a world of great wealth. She has the appearance of a human, though not, with red hair and ordinary clothes.

The Inifity Edge is in The Tournament of Champions under the command of Cayenne to fulfill Mortheus’s wishes. Or do Cayenne and her group of assassins, the Third Eye, have some secret ambition?